Over 400%Increase in Enrollment Since 1998

Oletangy Local School District

Top WCPSS Schools Top-Performing Public Schools

Elementary Schools

  • Wyandot Run Elementary School
  • Scioto Ridge Elementary School
  • Indian Springs Elementary School
  • Liberty Elementary School
  • Albert Chapman Elementary School

Middle Schools

  • Olentangy Liberty Middle School
  • Hyatts Middle School
  • Orange Middle School
  • Berkshire Middle School
  • Shanahan Middle School

High Schools

  • Olentangy Liberty High School
  • Orange High School
  • Oletangy High School
  • Berlin High School

Top Schools Powell Area Private Schools

Top-Rated Institutions

Dublin Montessori Academy

Dublin Learning Academy

The Compass School

Village Academy Schools

Enchanted Care Kids Campus

Worthington Christian Powell Elementary

Top Schools What Sets Oletangy Apart?

Unique Opportunities

It’s easy to see why Powell's local schools make the grade. Programs such as College Tech Prep, which offers career education, Post-Secondary Enrollment, which provides opportunities for free classes at local colleges, and even OASIS, an online high school program, ensure that all students receive a top-quality education to prepare them for future careers or continuing education. Oletangy Local Schools not only rank high based on test scores, but also outperform many other schools for overall student growth and development, as well as college preparedness.

Another feature that sets Oletangy Local Schools apart is their School Choice program, a unique intradistrict open enrollment opportunity. This means that students may choose to attend a school in their district other than the one they were originally assigned. But with the number of top-rated schools within the district—and within Powell—this might not even matter. In fact, all three high schools in Olentangy are ranked among the top in the nation, with Powell’s own Olentangy Liberty High School ranking at number three in Central Ohio, seventh in the state of Ohio, and 253 in America.

Top WCPSS Schools A Tradition of Excellence

Honors and Awards

"Excellent" Rating from the Ohio Department of Education's Annual District Report Card

Purple Star Award for a continued commitment to military families

Auditor of State Award with Distinction from the Ohio State Government

Energy Efficiency Champion Award from AEP Ohio

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