Powell Ohio

Perfectly Located for Work, Play & Life

Lush parks and scenic waterways. Elegant historic architecture and rich cultural history. Bustling downtown events. A 25-minute commute to work. Whether you seek big-city attractions, tranquil outdoor exploration, employment opportunities, or a unique journey back through time, the beautiful City of Powell is perfectly located to meet all desires.

Why Do Residents Love Powell?

Location to Historic Attractions

Rich Native American and early pioneer history runs deep through the Olentangy and Scioto Rivers. As these rivers were both common areas for fishing, hunting, trapping and water travel, it’s not uncommon to unearth ancient arrowheads from beneath the soil of Powell. Beautiful old buildings, such as the Liberty Presbyterian Church and many surrounding homes and buildings of its historic downtown, date back as far as Civil War times. Old cemeteries with ornate tombstones and centuries-old family names are popular sites for an afternoon stroll. Though new construction blooms throughout the community, Powell is very much a city that remembers its history—and wears it with pride.

Location to Parks & Outdoor Recreation

Acres of lush parkland and miles of bike trails can be found throughout the community of Powell, but surrounding the city are even more opportunities for outdoor enjoyment. Plenty of hiking can be found in Highbanks Metro Park along the Olentangy River. The Scioto River is a popular destination for boating, fishing, sailing and watersports, and runs through the Ohio countryside to Downtown Columbus. The underground Olentangy Indian Caverns are a fun and interesting way to cool off in the summer and a source of interesting history. And there is plenty of golf to be found in and around Powell!

Location to Modern Attractions

Rich history isn’t the only site to see in Powell. Modern attractions can also be enjoyed here. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Zoombezi Bay and the Safari Golf Club are all located just 10 minutes outside of downtown Powell along the shores of the Scioto River. In the other direction, Sky Zone Trampoline Park offers its own unique form of entertainment. Powell is even within easy reach of one of Columbus’s major shopping destinations, Polaris Fashion Place.

Location to Highways

The major travel route of Highway 315 runs through Powell, directly connecting Delaware, Ohio to the north and Columbus to the south. Known as the “Scenic Byway”, this route provides a direct commute line for Powell residents to Downtown Columbus, as well as I-270 for access to other parts of Columbus as well as its surrounding communities.

Relocating to Powell, Ohio?

There are many reasons to love life in Powell. If you’re ready to discover them for yourself, then it’s time to connect with a top Powell real estate agent at Freeland Realty Group to find your dream home in this wonderful community.